My research interests include neurobiology, animal behavior, and comparative cognition. Specifically, I use songbirds as a model organism to examine neural mechanisms and corresponding behavioral processes associated with vocal communication.

Mountain-EditedVisiting Assistant Professor, St. Norbert College, Department of Psychology, August 2017-current

Currently, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. For the Fall 2017 semester, I will be teaching PSYC 337: Memory and Cognition and SSCI 224: Basic Statistics.

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Zoology, September 2015-August 2017

I was a Michael Guyer Postdoctoral Fellow conducting research in Dr. Lauren V. Riters‘ laboratory in the Department of Zoology at UW-Madison. I examined basic neural reward mechanisms in appropriate communication and social behavior using songbirds as a model system.

PhD – University of Alberta, Department of Psychology, 2015

I completed my PhD in Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Christopher B. Sturdy in the Songbird Neuroethology Lab. My thesis was titled: “Information contained within a simple acoustic signal: The fee-bee song of the black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus).”

MSc – Northern Michigan University, Department of Psychology, 2010

I completed my MSc in Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Paul T. Andronis. My thesis was titled: “Headbanging by pigeons: A systematic replication and extension of an animal model of psychopathology.”

I was awarded the “Outstanding Graduating Graduate Student in Psychology Award” for 2010-2011 from Northern Michigan University.

BA – Northern Michigan University, Zoology & Psychology, 2008

Cum Laude
Honors Program

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