2014:  Graduate Student Teaching Award from Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta.

2013:  Teaching Assistantship Award and Certificate of Teaching Excellence from the Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology

St. Norbert College

Visiting Assistant Professor for the following courses:

SSCI 224: Basic Statistics

Course Description: Introduction to the basic statistical concepts and techniques (including computer-based software programs) for data analysis in the non-business Social Sciences. Includes descriptive statistics, random sampling and probability, correlation, regression, hypothesis testing and parametric / nonparametric inferential statistics. Intended for students in education, political science, psychology and sociology; also appropriate for students in the natural sciences.

PSYC 337: Memory and Cognition with laboratory

Course Description: Examines historical and contemporary research in the study of human cognitive processes, with particular emphasis on the area of memory. Topics covered include attention, memory processes, mental imagery, problem-solving and language. This course includes a hands-on lab component which provides in-depth applications of course concepts.

University of Alberta

Instructor for the following courses:

Psyco 282: Behaviour Modification

Course Description: This course aims to provide an introduction to concepts and issues within the field of learning and behaviour. We will examine the application of learning principles and laboratory findings to behaviour problems in education, clinical, and social settings. There will be an emphasis on empirical research demonstrating the effectiveness of behaviour modification and cognitive/behavioural techniques.

Psyco 381: Principles of Learning

Course Description: In this course we will examine a variety of fundamental learning processes, primarily as investigated through research with non-human subjects. We will begin with an examination of elementary forms of learning and then progress to a consideration of more complex learning and cognitive processes. Some specific phenomena we will examine include: habituation and sensitization, classical (Pavlovian) conditioning, operant (instrumental) conditioning, discrimination learning, memory and cognition in animals. The main focus of this course will be on understanding the mechanisms that underlie these various forms of learning. Although the primary focus of this course is on structural analyses of learning processes, some consideration will also be given to the biological function and neural bases of learning and cognitive processes.

Teaching assistant for the following courses:

Psyco 281: Principles of Behaviour

Psyco 381: Principles of Learning

Psyco 475: Current Issues in Biological Psychiatry

Psyco 478: Behaviour & Brain Chemistry

Psyco 485: Theory in Learning & Comparative Cognition


Northern Michigan University

Instructor for the following course:

PY 100L: Introduction to Psychology Lab

Course Description: Introduction to the natural science of behavior and to the scientific principles and content areas of psychology. This course includes a focus on the philosophy and methodology of science, using selected problems from psychology as examples for application and demonstration. Include laboratory experience. Lab component consists of a two-hour weekly lab where students engage in hands-on activities related to the principles discussed in lecture.

Teaching assistant for the following courses:

PY 100L: Introduction to Psychology Lab

PY 211: Learning

PY 302: Causes and Control of Aggression

PY 305: Psychological Statistics

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